These days it is very easy to travel and to experience the unknown. Many of us have vacations twice a year and can afford traveling to new cities and countries. As one of those travelers, my favorite part of traveling is the ability to experience a new culture, to learn something new, and to understand our past. So, I travel a lot!

My work is related to foreign travel and I’m happy to dedicate some time to sharing my research of new and exciting travel destinations. In this blog I will be sharing my findings and travel advice. I believe it will be useful for others who would like to learn a little bit more about each of these places. Be prepared for a lot of photos, videos, and comments :-)

What makes this blog different from other travel blogs is that I’m focused on the most interesting places. I like to put a trip together like the pieces of a puzzle, rather than just sharing most popular “number 1” tourist spot. So basically you will see a lot of easy to follow To-Do lists for particular destinations that will give you a quick understanding of each new place, as well as some of my own observations, which you won’t be able to get from other travel bloggers.

I invite you to read through the blog pages and I look forward to your comments and feedback!

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