Amsterdam Public Library

Iʼm going to share one of the most undervalued Amsterdam “Hidden Gems” — the Amsterdam Public Library. In fact, I was so impressed with this destination that I think Iʼll schedule some time in the library next time Iʼm in Amsterdam. First of all, I wouldnʼt consider it an ordinary library. Itʼs like a combination education/work/entertainment center. Donʼt miss the chance to see it thee next time youʼre in Amsterdam!

Below Iʼll briefly describe how to get the most out of your visit to the library.
The Amsterdam Public Library is located very close to the city center and just a two minute walk from Amsterdam Centraal. Itʼs open seven days a week from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Pretty hard not to find a time for a visit, huh? The Library has an underground garage for convenient parking. Technically itʼs underwater because water surrounds the library. Plus, itʼs free for bicycles!

Amsterdam Public Library from Heights

The library has a fantastic view of Amsterdam, and on every floor there are comfortable seats in front of huge panoramic windows. I could endlessly gaze at the streets on the other side of the small bay. There are a ton of cafes and restaurants in there area as well as inside the library, so you wonʼt end up starving to death in such an interesting place! I would recommend having lunch on the top floor where they have a restaurant with an open terrace. There are few places with such a wonderful view of Amsterdam. (Iʼll share some of these soon, so stay in touch!)

All of these features make the Amsterdam Public Library one of the best (and free!) spaces for working outside the office. If by any chance you are in need of inspiration and have some tasks to get done then you should go to the library. The Internet is pretty good, the work spaces are very comfortable, and itʼs a motivating environment with inspiring views — everything you need for a good workplace. Itʼs also a great place to spend several hours just reading an interesting book. It feels like a much more productive place than a coffee shop, though perhaps not quite as creative.

Amsterdam Public Library Seats

Finally, one of my favorite features: The Library even has a piano and if youʼre able to play well enough, youʼre welcome to sit and play.

If you travel with children, there is a big childrenʼs hall on the first floor. After a visit to the Public Library, I recommend adding to your itinerary a trip to the Nemo Science Center with the Amsterdam VOC ship nearby.

Here is a short video clip with several of the interesting things I saw there. Hope you enjoy!

And one more video about the library:

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