Best Video Making Hotspots in the UK

The UK is filled with some great scenery, both natural and manmade, and boasts some wonderful opportunities for movie making.

What’s more, you don’t need to spend all of your time in London to make the most of what the UK has to offer. Spend some time at any of these places, and be sure to take Together app along with you to capture it all and share it with your loved ones!

Portmeirion, Wales

Most famous for being the location where iconic ’60s sci-fi show, “The Prisoner”, was filmed, Portmeirion was modelled with a quirky little mediterranean town in mind, and boasts colour, quaint stylistic flourishes, and is a real gem for any burgeoning filmmaker.

The town is small enough to cover in a day, but try to visit during the summery months, as Wales is notorious for its rainfall, and Portmeirion is just not the same under a grey clouded sky.

Oxford/Cambridge Town Centers, England

Oxford and Cambridge are famous for their universities, and whether or not the primary residents of the respective towns are happy about that fact, the universities, the oldest in the UK, really make the town centers something of a visual feast.

As it’s smaller, Cambridge is the easiest to cover by foot, and you can easily get shots of most of the colleges with an hour long (max) walk.

Edinburgh Old Town, Scotland

Edinburgh is a marvellous part of the UK, and features some of its most dramatic scenery.

Overlooking the town center is the breathtaking Edinburgh castle, and the town center itself is something of a sight to behold.

Ancient, gothic structures sit next to untamed wilderness, and cobbled, adorable back streets.

The hardest part is picking what you want to film! With Together, you can be as greedy as you like!

Bath, England

A Georgian-style wonderland, Bath sits in the west of England and visiting there feels like taking a step back in time to a town filled with beautiful architecture, and striking stylistic icons.

It’s not a cheap place to visit, and it will require you to take a little bit of a detour, but if you do decide to make the trip, you can easily spend two days in the west of England, and stop by Bristol too…

Bristol, England

The original hometown of iconic street artist Banksy, Bristol is the cooler, younger sibling of Bath, and is home to many trendy young things who frequent its center.

Take a stroll through the city, and grab some great shots of Banksy originals – it’s like a game!

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