Izmaylovskiy Kremlin

Built in 2007, Izmaylovskiy Kremlin is a new complex located very close to the Partisanskaya Metro Station and the Izmaylovskiy Hotel Complex. The Kremlin resembles the architectural style from the beginning of the 17th century. The architectural ensemble was built from available materials around the Alexey Mikhailovich residence. There are several museums, shops, cafes, and restaurants and even a wedding pavilion. Many festivals and celebrations are held here.

Here is my traditional video tour through the Izmaylovskiy Kremlin:

The Kremlin was built to attract foreign tourists and is 100% artificial, but still it is interesting to explore. And you can get fantastic photos there. So, if you plan to tell someone about your trip to Russia, then you really should visit. Your photos will be worth thousands words and videos worth millions. It’s kind of like wandering around a Russian fairy tale.

Izmaylovskiy Kremlin wideshot

The footprint of the Kremlin is not very large. The two main buildings inside are the Russian Cuisine Palace and the Nicholas Cathedral. The Russian Cuisine Palace resembles the recently renovated Alexey Mikhailovich Palace in Kolomenskoe (I will get there soon, I promise!). The cathedral was built in 2000 and is the highest wooden church in Moscow. Walk around these buildings and be sure to take plenty of travel photos and videos.

Izmaylovskiy Kremlin Entrance

You will probably notice local guides in Russian Native fashion. There are a lot of small shops in the surrounding buildings (candle shop, weaver shop, forge, potter, and many others). Apart from that there are several museums (history of vodka museum, bread museum, Russian fairy tales museum, Russian fashion museum, amber, bells, felt boots, etc.).

Izmaylovskiy Kremlin Palace

Just outside of the Kremlin there is a huge marketplace for all things Russian. You can find souvenirs, matreshkas, painted eggs, amber things, and a broad range of handmade Russian paintings. Prices here are not the cheapest, but the broad range of goods makes this place a good choice for travelers looking for goods from Russia.

Izmaylovskiy Kremlin Scheme
Izmaylovskiy Kremlin Scheme

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