Izmaylovskiy Park

Izmaylovskiy Park is one of the largest parks in Moscow and located in the eastern part of the city. Who said that there are no major landmarks in the Moscow east? There are a lot. Actually, you may have a full day pretty much packed with great places like Kuskovo estate, Terletskiy Park, Izmaylovskiy park, Bauman City (a small historical island) and Izmaylovskiy Kremlin. But before I get thrown off on a tangent, let’s get back to Izmaylovskiy Park.

Here you may have a sneak peek at what you may find there.

The park, in itself, has a pretty long and illustrious history. Back in 1570, it was a boyar estate, later it was a residency of Russian Tzars. Famous boat Saint Nikolay was found here by Russian Tzar Peter 1. It is so-called the grandfather of Russian Naval Forces. While almost nothing remains from that time, you still get a strong sense of the past while walking through the forest alleys.

There are numerous entrances to the park but I would recommend going through the entrance marked with a red dot (left border in the middle). There you will find the central walking alley with the biggest concentration of attractions.


Right after the central entrance you may encounter a bike rental station with a lot of unconventional models. There’s a good deal of interesting attractions to suit everyone. Bikes and boat rentals, a watch circle to take a look at the endless forest from the bird’s height, cafes and restaurants, sports grounds. For very young visitors, there’s also a special park/playground with numerous attractions.


At the central alley you will find the rare statue of Lenin. (Though it’d be better if they put a poet or writer statue in his place, imho.) Regardless, we have a huge soviet past, so it makes sense. Just behind the Lenin statue there’s an “I Love Moscow” sign. Pretty much identical to Amsterdam, but still very nice and a tourist trap.

One of the most important spots in the park is a view circle. It is, undeniably, a must-visit experience for all park visitors. I was so impressed that I took a second ride immediately after finishing my first. As is to be expected, city heights are not easily accessible, and you really don’t want to miss such a chance.


Moscow Izmaylovskiy Park

During the winter months, there is an open ice skating area with skate rental. Once you’ve finished exploring Izmaylovskiy Park’s external attractions, it’s time to get deeper and find some hidden gems!

If you go outwards from circle lake and Lenin’s statue, then cross the road with traffic light you will reach a long and very broad walking alley. This alley goes up to a huge Izmaylovskiy Hotel complex. Somewhere in the centre, among numerous attractions, you will come across a Panda Park (which is a very active entertainment activity when you climb to different places via ropes and their derivatives like rope bridge.)

Probably the most interesting place here is hidden in the forest almost in the middle of the park (yes, in the forest area which you have seen from above). It is a Tzar’s Apiary. I’ve attached a simple scheme for your convenience and marked this place on a map. Russians are kind of obsessed with natural honey as a medical remedy. It is often the go-to aid for colds, flus and numerous other illnesses. This apiary was founded in the 17th century and has a long history of honey production. There are also some very picturesque views to be found, and lovely animals in their natural habitat (not only bees).

So, dedicate a day to this tour and have some fun. Let me know your thoughts on Moscow’s sights and what the city has to offer.

Izmaylovskiy Park Apiary

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