Moscow Kremlin – the symbol of power

The cannons infront of the armoury
After fifteen years of living in Moscow and having traveled to almost all European countries, I suddenly realized that I’d never been to Kremlin. This central piece of Russian history was missing. So, recently on a sunny day, I took my camera and went to the Kremlin. The place immediately overcame all of my expectations. It is so nice inside. The Kremlin has its own unique charm which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you are an avid traveller then this is not to be missed. There is no need to say that no journey to Russia is complete without a stroll in the Kremlin. Here I will tell you a brief story of my journey to the Kremlin.

Here is the route I journaled in Routes.Tips app. There you might find more photos and more information about the Kremlin.

First of all the Kremlin is one of the most popular tourist attractions and during the weekends you will be greeted by huge queues to the ticket offices. Here is a tip for you. Make use of online booking options on the website and use the special ticket machines that allow you to buy tickets without queueing.

Having passed all the security measures, you enter the Kremlin through gates in a tower with the concert hall to the right and the armoury to the left. The armoury is a big museum of weapons. There are really nice cannons in front of the armoury which were captured during the Napoleon fleeing from Moscow in 1812. I have to admit that the French masters did their job really well and those cannons are really beautiful.

The Kremlin’s inner court contains numerous museums and you could spend a day or two visiting them all. The ensemble mainly consists of churches and cathedrals. There are two very interesting publicly available exhibits though – the Great Cannon and the Great bell. Both of them are one of the biggest things of their kind and neither have ever been used on purpose.

The Great Bell

One of Moscow’s best observation decks is in the Kremlin belfry named after Ivan the Great. Here is a photo I took from the top. The skyscraper is one of the Seven Sisters – soviet style skyscrapers constructed during the Stalin epoch.
Moscow River View from Ivan the Great bellfry

Finally, there is a small picturesque garden inside the Kremlin where you can enjoy a walk and sit under the shady trees. It is called the Tainitskiy (something like a secret) Garden – (looks like some major secrets were discussed along these garden paths!)

The Kremlin Tainitsky Garden

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