One Day Stroll Through Dublin

Dublin was perfect. I was so amazed that it was hard to adequately reflect on the feelings I experienced and write about the little slice of wonderland where I’d been lucky enough to spend several days at the beginning of November. I had the chance to stroll through Dublin, Ireland and in fact dedicated only one full day to sightseeing. As usual, I made a fantastic video about this trip with Together app for iPhone. I would love to see your travel stories as well! Next time I’m going to look into Ireland sightseeing but for now – let’s talk about Dublin.

First of all, Irish natives speak with a very distinctive accent in Dublin and the city itself boasts very friendly cab drivers. My wife jumped into the front seat, which she could certainly get used to! She was also incredibly surprised to see a steering wheel where the passenger usually sits. Our driver was joking: “Will you drive by yourself? Am I needed?”. During the whole trip from the airport to hotel, he was telling Irish jokes, providing a tour around the city and every time we saw a cyclist, he offered to slap him on-the-go.

The Irish pronounce words with the letter “u” in an awkward way: fun (they pronounce foon), sun (they pronounce soon), bus (they pronounce boos). Their relationship with England is still very tense, much like the relationship between Russia and former Soviet Union republics. The Irish also have their own language (which they like much more than English, of course.) How could I miss the chance to ask them to speak Gaelic?!

Route Map
I started my route at St. Stephen’s Green and strolled clockwise through all the major sights. The idea was to finish somewhere in the Temple Bar district for some much-needed rest and relaxation after a day long walk.
Dublin Stroll Route Map

One of the most eye-catching things in Dublin has to be their door decorations. (I would perhaps even say their obsession with doors.) Usually, in Russia, when a new family is being united in marriage, they think first about how they will celebrate the wedding. Dubliners think about what color their door will be. For sure!
I would say they have pretty nice doors :-) I was photographing all the doors like a crazy Russian all the time I was in Dublin. Doors could differ not only in color but with a ringing bell (or some kind of knocker thing), columns, ladders and many other things.

St. Stephens Green
A relatively small green park near the city center, St Stephens Green actually looks very spacious once you’re inside. There are numerous monuments here, including a plate showing a scheme and descriptions of all said monuments. The most popular ones are the bust of James Joyce and a group representing the Three Fates.

A bench in St Stephens Green, Dublin

A Red tree in St Stephens Green

Three Fates Monument in St Stephens Green, Dublin

Merrion Square Park
The park was founded in 1752. Nice and clean with a lot of brave squirrels jumping all around. The monument of Oscar Wilde is the most impressing one.
Oscar Wilde monument in Dublin

St. Patrick’s Park
St. Patrick’s is, again, a pretty small park near St Patrick’s Cathedral. They say that Saint Patrick baptized the first Irish Christians here in a well in the park.
St Patricks Park

St Patricks Cathedral

Phoenix Park
The biggest and the farthest park from the city center. House of the President is located here. As well as Dublin zoo.
Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park Entrance

But that’s enough for the parks – let’s have a look at Dublin’s architecture.

This is the church we noticed on our way back to the city center.

Dublin Castle
Probably the most famous complex of buildings throughout Dublin.
Inside Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle Tower and a Chapel

Royal Dublin Society
RDS main entrance
Royal Dublin Society

Inside main RDS building (during Dublin WebSummit)
RDS WebSummit

Trinity College
The college was founded in 1592 as the “mother” of a new university. There is a beautiful Parliament Square inside the college walls with The Campanile (shown in the photo below).
Trinity College Campanile

The Custom House
This is a masterpiece of 18th century architecture and is one of Dublin’s finest buildings. Today, The Custom House is used as offices for the Department of the Environment.
The Custom House Dublin

River Liffey and Bridges
There are many bridges and walking embankments. Every bridge has its own name. The river directs your walk through its banks, which makes for a very peaceful activity, and for your pleasure, there are many sights to see all around the river.
Dublin River Embankment

Dublin River Liffey

Ireland is famous for and very proud of its writers and poets – Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Bram Stoker (have you read Dracula?). That’s why there are dozens of monuments and signs related to nobel Irish writers and poets.

In Dublin, they drink Guinness. It is hard to find a place without good Guinness. As hard as it is to find a place with a good meal. Every time I was experimenting with something more complex than Fish’n'Chips, I was leaving half of my food on my plate. The city pubs look great at night though:
Dublin Pubs at Night

There is a place for street art fans in Dublin as well. Here is a bright example of it:
Street Art in Dublin

Modern Square

In fact, if you spent a whole day devoted to embarking on a walking tour, then you would definitely encounter some pieces of street art. I saw a lot and to my surprise, I liked how well it was embedded into the ordinary houses and street views.

Other things to mention
Universal Links on Human Rights. It represents the jails around the world holding prisoners of conscience.
Universal Links on Human Rights

A Monk Monument
A Monk Monument

The simplest way to get oriented is to find a very tall needle!
Dublin Needle

St. Ann’s Church of Ireland
St Ann's Church of Ireland

Notice the first floor shop’s decorations – very colorful. They sure know how to attract people!
Dublin Shops

Very interesting decorations on the facade.
Decoration on the facade, Dublin

Dublin Architecture

Penneys – one of the main shopping malls.
Penneys Dublin

Blackhall Palace
Blackhall Palace

The Garden of Remembrance
Notice those benches. They are very comfortable and you could treat yourself as though you were almost a medieval king or a queen!
Garden of Remembrance

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