Russian country side

Konstantinovo landscape
Russia is the biggest country in the world and offers so many great places to travel that it would probably take an entire lifetime to experience and appreciate them all. One of my favourite places is the scenic village of Konstantinovo where one of the most famous Russian poets Sergey Esenin was born and spent his childhood.
Recently I started to journal all of my travels using our new Routes.Tips mobile app. The great thing about it is that it allows to me to compose unique travel story packages from maps and photos across a range of different devices which can then be shared. Have a look at my travel story to Konstantinovo. There you will find photos from Canon D-SLR, DJI Phantom drone and usual iPhone made shots.
Apart from the great history of Esenin, the village offers its visitors stunning views from a high Oka river bank. Everything feels so Russian here – the high vantage point, an enormous landscape lying below, the wide river, endless forests and green fields. The landscape is one of the best of its kind near the Moscow region; it’s good for photography, painting, drone flying, relaxation or simply walking. There are also a lot of sights in the city of Ryazan which is very close by.
If you are in Moscow and would like to have a better view on Russia then you must see this place.

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