Visit Europe in Spring


Springtime is a fabulous time to come to Europe. Sure, you may encounter a little rain, but there are medieval arcades to walk under and churches to duck into. Take a look at dutch cyclers: they do not stop even under heavy rain. Aside from the occasional downpour, the air is often crisply clear for video and photography, the spring vegetables are wonderful, and the wildflowers are abundant. Who couldn’t fall for the attractions of spring Europe? I certainly wasn’t able to resist.

Of course, it is a cheaper and simpler time of year to find a host on AirBnb (or a hotel) when travelling to Europe. Furthermore, places are not so crowded, but there are many more compelling reasons to come to Europe during Spring. Here I’ll mention just some of them.

Everything blooms

Many fruit trees are blossoming between March and April. These can act as great inspiration for photos and videos. Think of bloomed passages and arcades, or whole hills. In late April, the tulips start blooming in the Netherlands. Sure, you think of the Dutch when you think of tulips, especially in Keukenhof Gardens, where you can’t see the end to tulips blanket, but Floralia Brussels celebrates spring blooms at the castle of Groot-Bijgaarden, where you can also see spring flowers in bloom.

Winter sports

Skiing is still available in Austria & Switzerland till the beginning of May. This means you can go up and ski, and then go down to have some rest under the Sun and feel the benefits of summer too. The contrast improves perception.


In Italian spring markets, you’ll find many familiar and many unfamiliar vegetables. There will still be artichokes in spring, and they will be inexpensive, but there will be several kinds. My favorite is the spiny artichokes of Sicily and Sardinia, that’s why I’ll be visiting Sicily in two weeks. In fact, almost all countries feature farmers markets where you can find great healthy natural food but in spring, the offerings are especially fresh and tasty.

Better photos and videos!

Probably the best reason for me: strong overhead sunlight is also the worst kind of light for most pictures. It turns people ghoulish, darkening their eye sockets while blasting the forehead with white light. In spring, and fall, the “golden hour”, the time when the slanting light is warm and inviting to give you that romantic glow in your pictures, occurs earlier in the day, just as you’re getting tired from sightseeing, rather than when you’re at dinner.


Take a look at King’s Day in The Netherlands. Have you seen Amsterdam in orange? There is the Dynasty of Oranges in The Netherlands and the whole of Amsterdam gets orange this time of year. This is a bright festival with a lot of activities available.

Easter in Europe

Easter is one of the most popular holidays in Germany, marking the long awaited spring of spring. Many Easter traditions such as colorful eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies, spring fairs, and, of course, the Easter egg hunt, originated in Germany. Celebrate Easter in Germany. Here are the dates for your convenience.
2014: April 18th – April 21st
2015: April 3rd – April 6th
2016: March 25th – Match 28th


Finally, why not swim in the late spring? Sunbathing is not the only thing available this time of year. From the middle of May you may start swimming at most of the southern parts of Europe. Greece offers a mild climate at this time, making it a great option.

Northern Lights
The Northern Lights could be observer till beginning of April in northern parts of Europe. Iceland and Northern Norway and the northernmost areas of Sweden and Finland, as well as the western half of the Russian north (with the Kola Peninsula of Murmansk Oblast being the most popular viewing spot).

So many things to do in Spring in Europe, huh?

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